11 October 2015

{Fresh Starts}

To anyone who's been following my blog for a while, you'll have noticed that my posting schedule has completely gone up in flames in the past few months (or maybe like 6 months). I would go through spurts where I would try get myself back into the swing of things, but to be completely honest I kind felt like I had outgrown this space and this blog and I just couldn't force myself to sit down and write here.

I thought about giving up on blogging entirely, but that just didn't feel right either.

I've been blogging here for two years. When I started I knew absolutely nothing about blogging but was eager to learn and to have a voice of my own on a platform that I had quickly begun to love. Over those two years I've learned an immense amount and this blog has been a sort of rollercoaster ride in it's design, style, and content.

After feeling less and less connected to this blog, I decided to close this chapter of my life (as a blogger) and begin a new one. From now on, you'll be able to find me at The Coffee Addicted Nerd (www.thecoffeeaddictednerd.blogspot.ca), where I'll be blogging about more or less of the same things, but hopefully with a more cohesive feel, more personal insights and observations, and on a more consistent basis.

So please, follow this link though to check out my new space and give me a follow on bloglovin' so you can stay up to date on my new adventures!

21 September 2015

{This Week - Vol. 5}

This Week in my Planner

I'm starting to feel a little more caught up on my life, and this week I'm going to concentrate on getting in that exercise that I need. I wasn't able to run or really do anything while sick, and because my cough lingered (it's still around but is so much better), I wan't able to run at all until my attempt yesterday. I say attempt because, let's be honest, it was like 15 minutes of running spread out over almost 40 minutes total. Not good - but it's still exercise!

Everyone from pervious years of my program has said that this semester is definitely the hardest and craziest, and I can definitely see that already. I feel like I have to go full steam ahead at all times in order to keep up. If I can do that, it does seem manageable, I just can't afford to get sick again!

Also, let me tell you, cutting perfect squares into materials like mat board and foamcor is not fun. It turns out I can't cut a straight line to save my life.

I'm super excited for this weekend though because I'm heading to the Chateau Laurier for afternoon tea! I love tea and I've looked at pictures online and everything looks just absolutely amazing! There's sure to be some instagram pictures from that! 

18 September 2015

{Five on Friday: Must Haves When Sick}

As I mentioned earlier this week, I spent pretty much the entirety of last week sick. I pretty much did nothing but attend my first week of classes and sleep. Seriously, so much time in bed.

I am feeling much better this week, but now I'm working on catching up on everything, while still attending classes and such. Seriously, it's amazing how far behind on silly things like cleaning and laundry being out for a week can get you.

Anyways, because today's Friday, and I've recently been thinking about how to survive being sick, I thought I would share my 5 must haves for when you're sick!

Water. This is always a must in my books, but if you have a fever, it's an even more important must. Always have a filled water bottle within arms reach and sip on it as regularly as you can!

Medicine. Definitely choose whatever medication meets your specific symptoms, but make sure you have something! I had a fever and a pretty bad cough/ chest congestion, so I went with a syrup (always the best for a cough).

Television. I always like to go with something I've seen before and enjoy, because you will fall asleep watching it. I also like going for old tv shows, rather than movies or something, because you never know when you're going to be up for watching a couple of hours, and when a single 22 minute episode will feel like an eternity to you (and you miss a lot less when you fall asleep halfway through a 22 minute show than you do when it's a 3 hour movie).

Orange Juice. I'm pretty sure this is completely in my head, but drinking orange juice when I'm sick makes me feel a little bit better instantly. Even if it doesn't really work like that, a little extra vitamin C when sick can't hurt!

Chicken Noodle Soup. Like with the orange juice, there's just something about chicken noodle soup that is comforting when you're not feeling the best.

Hopefully I'll be all caught up on my life and able to post regularly next week!

14 September 2015

{This Week - Vol.4}

This week in my planner

This week will be my first full week of classes and after being incredibly sick with a fever and brutal cough last week, I don't think I'm ready for it. 

Because I was sick most of last week, I wasn't able to get very much accomplished - which means I'm playing catch up this week on school work (it's awful to already feel behind) and cleaning. My apartment isn't too messy or gross because I managed to contain all the tissues and such to one area, but because I missed so many many things on my cleaning list last week, I have to get them all done this week. 

I'm crossing my fingers that this cold goes away and never comes back because this week's going to take a lot of energy if I'm going to get ahead of my to-do list!

09 September 2015

{What I've Been Reading Lately}

My last book review post was way back in July (whoops) so I thought it was time to update y'all on what I've been reading lately. Instead of writing individual posts for all of them, I've decided to share them all with just little blurbs - more like the highlights of what I thought. I'll probably go back to sharing what I've read individually after this, mostly because with school starting today my reading pace is definitely going to slow back down.

What I've Been Reading Lately

The Structure of Scientific Revolutions by Thomas Kuhn (4/5 Stars)
This was a book that I grew familiar with during my undergrad in Science and Technology Studies, but I had never read the actual book, only excerpts and summaries. Although the pace of the book is very slow and it does feel like Kuhn could have edited and condensed his ideas a lot better (I now understand why I was never made to read the actual book in school), he does present a concept of science that is challenging to the popular, public notion and I did enjoy reading his thoughts.

To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee (5/5 Stars)
I first read To Kill A Mockingbird in high school, but I didn't really remember it. With all the news about Go Set A Watchman and Harper Lee's name coming up everywhere I figured it was time to open it back up again. I absolutely loved it the first time around, and the second did not disappoint either. It's a timeless classic for a reason. 

The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway (3/5 Stars)
I picked this up because I've enjoyed other Hemingway works, but, honestly, I just felt bad for the protagonist, Jake, the entire novel. A group of expats traipse around Europe from Paris to Spain, drinking and watching Bullfighting. While I do enjoy Hemingway's style, this novel just wasn't quite for me.

A Paris Affair by Tatiana de Rosnay (4/5 Stars)
This book of short stories was enjoyable, though, because they're all about affairs, was very sad and all (I'm pretty sure) ended tragically. Although I knew what I was getting into before I opened the book, it was still a little depressing for me. I really enjoyed de Rosnay's writing however, and will be picking up more works by her in the future (I've also read, and loved, Sarah's Key).

Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella (5/5 Stars)
Although a young adult novel, I really enjoyed reading Finding Audrey. It was a short, quick, and funny read about a young teenage girl suffering from severe anxiety brought on by a traumatic event. Even though it was humorous and light hearted, I found that Kinsella dealt with the issue of anxiety well - Audrey seems to really struggle with her problem and it isn't all funny.

The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton (5/5 Stars)
Definitely a social commentary aimed at young adults that everyone should read at least once. I read this for the first time in ninth grade, so when I found a copy among my mom's school things this summer, I figured the time had come to reread it. "Stay Gold."

Mademoiselle Chanel: A Novel by C.W. Gortner (5/5 Stars)
I've always admired Coco Chanel's style, but never really knew anything about her life. This novel, which I had to keep reminding myself was a novel and not an autobiography, gave a detailed account of Chanel's life that I found incredibly interesting. She had a crazy life and it made her a strong and beautiful woman.

Spinster: Making a Life of One's Own by Kate Bolick (3/5 Stars)
This book is part memoir, part biography of the fierce women who have inspired Kate Bolick to become the woman she is today. I really wanted to love this book, I just found it kind of all over the place. I appreciated the message Bolick was attempting to put out into the world - that although everything about society tells women they must marry, you can do whatever you want. I just didn't really enjoy the writing and it felt like Bolick was throwing in as many references as possible to sound intelligent.

That brings us up to what I'm currently reading (Sweet Tooth by Ian McEwan), the review for which will have to have to come at a later date.

What have you been reading lately? Let me know in the comments below!